The Abyss Stares Back

I figured I’d give an update while my Big Brew Day 2013 English Style Dark Mild is going through its rest.


The Abyss Stares Back

My first home brew – and the subject of the previous two posts – has finished its carbonating in the bottles and has had about an extra week now to age. I am beyond pleased with how it turned out. The body is still a little thin, but the carbonation really helped this beer tremendously.  There’s a bit too much carbonation, you need to pour with care, but the flavor is a nice bitter, dark chocolate with a little taste of the hops bitterness as well. I wouldn’t say it is the most balanced beer in the world, but it has a unique flavor and is certainly drinkable. I’m happy with how it turned out and have enjoyed drinking it thus far.

The Abyss Stares Back

The Abyss Stares Back

Cream Ale

With Father’s Day and my brother’s birthday coming up in June I figured I’d brew up something nice and light for the two of them. My brother has become more of a craft beer nerd but my dad is still predominantly a light beer drinker. So I’m hoping this cream ale might help sway him over to the dark side. I’m going to bottle today once the bottles are done sanitizing and let those set for a couple weeks. I’ll post the recipe soon; Hopville is migrating over to BrewToad so I’m going to wait until that’s all settled.



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