Sad But True

I struggle with blog titles, and I’m listening to “Sad But True,” which is sort of ironic because I’ve been listening to “I Knew You Were Trouble” on a loop for most of the night. I have the musical taste of a particularly angsty 16-year old girl.


Since I last updated this guy I’ve pumped out a few more homebrews. I tried my hand at a cream ale called “Second Son” for my younger brother’s birthday and Father’s Day last weekend. I tried two batches of it because I wasn’t satisfied with the first batch. I thought it was a little too thin and not as creamy as I wanted, so I adjusted the grain bill. Unfortunately, I forgot the second hop addition with Version 2 and was left with a particularly sweet cream ale.

After the “Second Son” (which I plan doing Version 3 of at some point) I brewed Tonypandy Ale, which was the Big Brew 2013 English Dark Mild. It came out very good, again a little thin on the body which is a frequent problem that my brews seem to have. It thought it was quite tasty. The problem is that whenever I transfer my homebrews the sediment gets all moved around, so everyone I give a bottle to gets a much different experience than me. It’s definitely pushing me towards the investment in kegging.

My next brew will probably be “Suicide By Hops,” quite obviously an IPA (or DIPA). I have an engagement party to go tomorrow so that could very well kill my brewing plans for this weekend. BUT I do have a housewarming party for my “new” place (that I bought in October) and I promised party-goers that I would be brewing then, because honestly once you’ve seen both my bathrooms the house gets kind of boring just standing there.

I’ve also started contemplating plans for a beer that is an ode to all the tom-boys I’ve crushed on over the years (what up, Avril?). No name yet, but I want it to taste like cherry-flavored chapstick, tobacco and a busted lip with the mouthfeel of a middle-school make-out session.


Did I mention I’ve been drinking?


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