I’ve Been Sparging Completely Wrong

I have been sparging completely wrong and am a horrible person for it.

– My homebrewing notebook

I need to take better notes. And not just because my notes consist largely of me insulting myself (see above), but also because I have been quite obviously (and obliviously) been doing key steps wrong. This is why I download every brewing book and watching every brewing YouTube video I can find. Not only to learn NEW tips and tricks, but to remind myself not to be  a constant fuck-up.

Take for example:

Oh. You mean I don’t just dump all my sparge water right in there and let it rest? Oh. You mean that’s not even remotely close to how you’re supposed to do it? Oh. I’m so far off from the realm of reality that it’s hard to fathom how I can tie my own shoes, let alone brew my own beer? Okay, cool.

Would you believe me if I told you that I’d watched that video before?

On the plus side, besides knocking over the Sunsphere I at least re-watched this video BEFORE my next brewing session. There is a 5% chance now that my next brew will be noticeably less horrible.

Speaking of the next brew day; it’s planned for Saturday. I’ll be brewing a closer-to-my-original-recipe version of the Suicide By Hops reciple. I’m tentatively calling this one “187,” but if it comes out better than SBH those names are getting swapped.



  1. […] I’m told it happens to everyone at some point in their homebrewing career. It could’ve been the lack of preparation, the poor planning, the surplus of hubris or a combination that led to this darkest hour. On July 14, 2013 I was forced to dump my first batch of beer. This was a beer I had been hoping would turn out excellent, but all the tell-tale signs of impending doom were there. I even chronicled them on this blog. […]


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