Beer Review: Adroit Theory’s Cannibalism (Ghost 007)

Once you get past the perverts and trolls and the pervert-trolls, the Internet can be an alright place. Case and point: Rob’s been reviewing a series of beers from Adroit Theory over on Daily Beer Review. I happened to mention to him on Twitter that these beers sounded really interesting, and the fine folks of Adroit Theory reached out to me. Lo and behold after (another) long, shitty week at work there was a fancy box waiting for me when I got home.

I’ll say this about ATB right off the bat: whoever runs their marketing/packaging already deserves a raise. The bottle of “Cannibalism” came in a cardboard, bottle-shaped, support case wrapped in death head moth tissue paper.

death head moth paperThis package was so nice, I almost felt bad opening. But I knew beer was inside, and I’d tear through the Mona Lisa for a decent brew. Because priorities.

This bottle comes corked and caged. I don’t even cap my homebrew (swing-tops, baby) and this comes corked and caged?! With a bottle # and batch #?! The effort poured into this beer is evident before I’ve even opened it. This is a sweet stout that is brewed without water. As the label says “We chose to forego the water. We chose something else…” Ominous. But effort, aesthetics and ominous labels are one thing. How does this bad boy taste?



Beer Advocate: N/A
RateBeer: N/A
Untappd: 4.13

Cannibalism 05

Appearance: Two fingers of luscious dark tan head with big bubbles over a completely opaque body. People say “opaque” a lot, but this is seriously not-see-through. I even held it up next to the light just to show how black this is. The head is gone in an instant.

No light.

No light.

Smell: Boozy warmth and chocolate up front. Definitely some roasty notes and a bit of coffee, too. Rob picked up some hazelnut in his review, but I’m not getting that. I’m getting a faint hint of vanilla. Sweet smelling.

Taste: This is right in my wheelhouse. Sweet, dark chocolate flavor with some of the coffee roast I mentioned in the smell. This sweetness is what people seem to refer to as “licorice,” but I hate licorice and love this. Some caramel taste as well. More roasty notes as the beer gets warmer. I’m already lamenting that this is only a 12 oz bottle.

Mouthfeel: Silky smooth, perhaps even a little sticky. I wouldn’t want to spill this and let it dry. It coats the tongue nicely. There’s not a lot of carbonation to this, but I think there’s enough. It’s the right thickness for a stout.

Final Verdict:  4.5 out of 5. I’d say “Buy this one,” but these beers aren’t for sale (yet).

Adroit Theory is still technically homebrew (as the bottles states), but in my humble opinion this beer is ready for the big time. The only drawback I can note would be that I didn’t think the aroma was all that strong (but this could be my weak nose) and that the mouthfeel is a little bit cloying. As the beer warms the sweetness doesn’t overwhelm, though, which is definitely good.

I took a lot of pictures of this beer. I can’t get over how cool all the packaging is. Enjoy the rest of my shots and click any of the photos for a larger image:

Cannibalism 09Cannibalism 08Cannibalism 07Cannibalism 03Cannibalism 06Cannibalism 01


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