The Good, The Bad and the Birthday

The Bad

This has been a particularly terrible week for me. On Sunday, a guy ran a stop sign and T-boned my Mustang. On Monday I worked 14 hours. On Tuesday I worked 13 hours. On Wednesday I had to leave my friends at the bar because I had work to do; another 13 hours. My friends were at the bar celebrating because Thursday was my 27th birthday, which I celebrated by working until 1am in a hotel in Farmington, CT far removed from my girlfriend, my family and my friends. Today, I worked a meager 10 hours and finally came home to my girlfriend.

But I’ll be back to work tomorrow morning for another 12+ hour shift, I’m sure. The final cherry on top of the shit sundae was that the first beer I cracked when I got home was so bad that it became the first beer I’ve ever dumped. Alexander Keith’s Belgian White. Here’s a review: 0 out of 5. I’d go sober before ever drinking this sour-apple-juice garbage water again.

The Birthday

Thankfully, I have an awesome girlfriend-person who not only bought me some cool “Anti-Hero” gear, but she also got me an auto-siphon and siphon-holder for my homebrewing. My paycheck came from Serious Eats, where I write drinking games and will be part of craft beer collaboration coming soon, and my momma sent me some birthday allowance money. So I’m a little richer in clothing, brewing equipment and actual legal tender.

The Good

While the birthday stuff was a nice turnaround, I needed something good to wash the taste of Alexander Keith’s out of my soul. Luckily, my friend and SnapChat Aficionado, Matt Fay* left some Lawson’s Double Sunshine IPA at my house from his recent visit.

This American Double India Pale Ale is packed with juicy tropical fruit flavors and bright herbal aromas, thanks to the abundance of US-grown hops. ~8% a/v

It’s got a perfect 100 on Beer Advocate and is just an absolutely delicious brew. I’m not going to give a full review, because it’s been a long week, but the description from Lawson’s is pretty spot on. There’s a lot of fruit and citrus in the nose and flavor. It is smooth and nicely balanced. This isn’t a palette-wrecking DIPA. The bitterness is wonderfully balanced. Here are some pretty pictures:

Lawson's Double 3Lawson's Double 1

I give it a 4.95 out of 5 (I wanted more aroma); and it is a definite buy if you can find it.

* Interesting Side Note: Mr. Fay, according to his resume, is also the quality control coordinator for Anti-Hero Brewing.



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