Bottle Bomber?

I’m writing this while enjoying Another One from Maine Beer Company. It is a delicious IPA from a fantastic little brewery. I have their Weez Ale in my fridge now.  I had initially intended to do a double review of these two beers, but it’s been a long day/night/week. So I’m just going to enjoy them without too much fan fare. I will say, the red wheat Another One lends a very interesting malt character to a pretty solid IPA.

I can be a bit of an overzealous experimenter. I’ve been using yeast I harvested from my first yeast harvesting attempt in several subsequent (and expensive) batches. And they seemed to be doing okay; they develop a nice krausen and seem to settle out fairly well. But the two batches that were due to be finished bottle conditioning today, didn’t carbonate. The DIPA I thought might have suffered from my attempts at cold-crashing, but the Black IPA did not undergo a similar treatment. Nevertheless, neither was adequately carbonated after two weeks. I know sometimes it can take longer than 2 weeks, but there should’ve at least been a hint of conditioning. Alas, nothing.

So I tried an experiment. I created a priming solution and dumped my uncarbonated DIPA bottles into a bucket, pitched a starter-less vial of yeast and then rebottled.

There are, as far as I can tell, 3 things that could happen;

  1. This crazy plan works, and I’ve somewhat rescued my beer from its flat grave.
  2. Nothing happens, and I have to throw out my harvested yeast as useless.
  3. This works too well, the bottles over-carbonate and ASPLODE.

Number 3 would be pretty terrible. And messy. We’ll find out if there’s explosions sometime between now and a couple of weeks, I guess.



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