Beer Review: Pretty Things/Yeastie Boys’ Our Turn Your Turn

I’m a big Pretty Things fan. I’ve met Dann and Martha once or twice and they are awesome people with an incredible passion for brewing; and they make some amazing beers. But my deep dark, craft beer secret is that one of my least favorite beers is their (critically acclaimed) flagship, Jack D’Or.  I guess I’m just a no good contrarian. While there are a lot of markers and indicators of what makes a quality beer, ultimately everything comes down to the subjective nature of the drinker’s palate. Dann and Martha definitely don’t need the thumbs from some dude with a blog; the market speaks volumes – they brew excellent beers (and I am frequent purchaser of many not named “Jack D’Or”).

Our Turn Your Turn is Pretty Things’ second-ever collaboration beer. It was brewed with Stu and Sam, the Yeastie Boys, from New Zealand.

From Pretty Things:

STYLE: American wheat ale of sorts
COLOUR: a lovely bright hazy yellow
ABV: 7%
YEAST:  a blend of English & German ale strain
BITTERNESS:  was meant to be around 25 but drinks like its 40+.
INGREDIENTS: pale malt, red wheat, linden flowers, Bramling Cross and New Zealand Southern Cross hops (lots of Southern Cross hops actually)
CHARACTER: pale, slight acidity from wheat, a quick drinker, lots of pungent dry hop character with the Linden flower just beneath.


Beer Advocate: 86, N/A
RateBeer: No scores
Untappd: 3,66

Appearance: A cloudy straw yellow with a slightly off-white head about half-a-finger high of tiny bubbles that hangs around with good lacing.

Smell: There’s a floral smell to this brew, my guess is from the linden flowers, but not knowing what a liden flower is, I can’t be sure. There’s some hop character as well, mostly citrus and some spice. Google tells me that might be the Southern Cross hops.

Taste: The description above under “Bitterness” is spot on. This almost taste like a wheat IPA. The bitterness is palpable, but there’s a bit of sweetness from the wheat and there is a floral finish (again, I’m assuming it’s the linden flower).

Mouthfeel: Interesting. A little creamy and a bit more chewy than its appearance suggests. The bitterness lingers on the tongue. “Creamy” is the best word I can come up with to describe the mouthfeel. Finishes clean.

Final Verdict: 3.0 out of 5. Taste it.

To be perfectly honest, I’m not crazy about this beer. I like it better than Jack D’Or but I don’t think it stacks up against any of PT’s other offerings that I’ve enjoyed (Field Mouse’s Farewell is probably my favorite). It is by no means a bad beer (Dann is probably one of the best brewers on the planet), but the mix of the wheat and the bitter hops doesn’t do it for me. The flower flavor on the back end is different, but again not my cup of beer. Ultimately this comes down to a matter of taste preference. This is one I’d recommend getting a taste of before you buy. It may be right up your alley, but it was decidedly around the block from mine.



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