Spirit’s Foe Update

After just under two weeks in primary fermentation – in my new fermentation chamber – the SMaSH Marzen/Oktoberfest, “Spirit’s Foe,” has dropped in gravity to 1.029 from 1.052. Unfortunately, it is supposed to get down to 1.013. I would have figured 2 weeks at 62*F would’ve been enough to get full fermentation, judging from what I’ve read about WYeast 1007 (the yeast strain I used).

I’m going to give it another week at 64*F and see if it gets any closer to 1.013. If it’s still moving, I may up the temp to 66*F and see if that gets me all the way. I used a smack-pack without a starter, so I think I may have under-pitched the yeast. We’ll see…


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