Beer Review: Trillium Brewing’s New Roots

I got a really awesome beer review for you today. Straight outta Southie, ked. Last Friday I stopped by Trillium Brewing Company in the Fort Point neighborhood of South Boston, MA and picked up their newest brew: New Roots. For those of you who aren’t in the know about Trillium, they are a super-small, mom and pop operation that is making some terrific beers; a lot of them one-offs. Being located in South Boston means they are one of only three breweries operating in the Boston city limits (Harpoon and Sam Adams being the other two).

This New Roots brew is so limited and so new, I’m only the 26nd person to check into it on Untappd, and some dude named Scott checked into it 3 times. Typical Scott. All I really know about this beer is that it was only a pilot batch, brewed with hops grown by the head brewer, JC Tetreault. It is a hoppy farmhouse ale at 6.3% ABV.

Trillium New Roots 3

BeerAdvocate: N/A, N/A
RateBeer: N/A, N/A
Untappd: 3.64

Appearance: A hazy orangish color with a just-off-white head. My head was pretty thin on account of it sitting for a week, but it had nice small bubbles, and it still leaves some decent lacing. The haze doesn’t make it the prettiest beer, but it looks its part.

Smell: I get a citrusy smell with this one along with some clove and a bit of a peppery aroma as well. It’s not hoppy smelling in that dank, resinous way that  you think of a West Coast IPA. The aroma is pleasant but subdued. As it warms I get a little more hop aroma and a bit more earthiness, as well as more cloves and a hint of banana bread.

Taste: This is a nice flavor. There’s some of the citrus (a lemon or orange flavor, maybe even a hint of mango), some of the clove and a nice bite of pepper. There’s some hop bitterness which comes more into play as the beer warms. That bitterness is balanced well with a sweetness that is usually described as “bubblegum,” but I think this is a little less blunt than the usual bubblegum taste. Maybe a little hint of banana or banana bread as well. There’s definitely also a wheat character to the taste, and some earthiness as well that really gives the farmhouse impression.

Mouthfeel: A nice creamy mouthfeel, just a small tingle of hops and spice lingering on the lips and tongue. Body is light-medium. Very quaffable.

Final Verdict: 4.5 out of 5. Buy it. Oops, you can’t.

Sorry, friends/now enemies, but this beer is officially no more. Like I said, this was only a pilot batch and 64oz of it went home with me (and presumably a similar amount with Scott). I really enjoyed this beer; it’s a nice, easy drinker with a smooth, creamy body. There’s enough flavors and nuance to keep it interesting without my tastebuds wondering what the hell is going on. I’d probably like a bit more aroma and maybe a bit more hop-bite, but overall is this a super, well-balanced beer. It’s a shame you probably won’t get to try it.

Trillium New Roots 1



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