Winter Sun Update and a Christmas Carroll

That pretty girl is Reilly T. McDawglin, Chief Executive in charge of Brewing Operations here at Anti-Hero Brewing.

Winter Sun Update

A quick update on yesterday’s post about Winter SunI checked it when I woke up this “morning” (11:30am) and it was fermenting already, only 8-9 hours after I pitched the yeast. A krausen hadn’t formed, but one has started to build up as of this writing.

Winter Sun. Fermenting.

Winter Sun. Fermenting.

As I’m sure you noticed, this carboy isn’t in my usual fermentation chest freezer. It’s actually sitting in the dining room on the first floor of my house. The reasons for this are twofold:

  1. While the chest freezer works great for keeping my beers cold, I haven’t yet purchased an adequate means to warm beers up. I plan to do that this week.
  2. Through a bit of serendipity, the dining room happens to stay between 63* and 65*F around this time of year. Factoring in 4*-5*F for the fermentation activity, this puts the beer right in the sweet spot around 68*F for the 1099 Whitbread Ale yeast that we used.

The dining room should prove to be a suitable place until I get a small heater for the chamber, which is good because I’m planning to brew again tomorrow.

Christmas Carroll

I had forgotten, until recently reminded, that I had promised to brew a Christmas/winter beer for all my friends returning home for the holidays, specifically for my friend Matt Carroll (hence the beer name, if you hadn’t figured that out yet). Matt comes back to Boston on the 23rd, so if I factor in a week for fermentation and 2 weeks for bottling, the absolute last day I could brew this beer with the shortest lead time is… tomorrow. Oops. Thanks to a little more serendipity from Ninkasi, I am working from home this week, which gives me the ability to multi-task.

Below is the recipe, if you’re interested. I’ll try to take some pictures and videos to give a look into my brewing process.


Fermentable Amount Use PPG Color
16.0 lb 94% Mash 38 2 °L
0.75 lb 4% Mash 33 80 °L
0.25 lb 1% Mash 28 500 °L


Boil time: 90 min

Hop Amount Time Use Form AA
Horizon (US) 1.0 oz 60 min Boil Pellet 13.0%


Name Lab Average Attenuation
Wyeast London Ale III Wyeast 1318 73.0%


Name Amount Time Use
Allspice 0.25 tsp 1.0 min Boil
Cinnamon (Ground) 0.5 tsp 1.0 min Boil
Ginger Root (Dried) 0.5 tsp 1.0 min Boil
Nutmeg (Ground) 0.25 tsp 1.0 min Boil

Mash steps

Step Heat Source Target Temp Time
Saccharification Rest Infusion 152.0 °F 60 min


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