Upcoming Brews

You like us on Facebook, right (he said as if this wasn’t a one-man operation)? If not, not only are you the worst kind of person but you also missed out on the impromptu poll about what beer style I should brew next. This discussion boiled down to two different styles: a Scotch Ale (either one of schilling variants – 60/70/80 – or a Wee Heavy) or a Bock (more specifically, a chili bock).

Not only does a Chili Bock sound delicious, but my girlfriend was complaining that I have plans to brew a beer named for our dog (her name is Reilly, the style is self-evident) before naming one after her. So it makes sense that “Mc-Bock-lin” would be next, right? Well, she made me drive to pick her ass up in Milton today so she’s in the doghouse. Also, I’ve been drinking a lot of Founders’ Backwoods Bastard (review coming soon. Spoiler Alert: it is one of the best beers available), which is a barrel-aged Wee Heavy, so I think the Scotch Ale style is going to win out.

But really this blog was just an excuse to post that picture of Deadpool.



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