Next Beer Up: Bandito

How awesome is that image?

Anyway, I have some big posts/updates coming this week including a recap of the now unofficial Boston Craft Beer Week, and one of my favorite events, Extreme Beer Fest. The latter of which I have a short, but checkered past with. I may or may not have been barred entry from The Tam and may or may not have vomited on the Red Line, courtesy of a wee-bit of overindulgence on fantastic – but highly alcoholic – beers.

In fact, that’s another topic I want to hit soon: overindulgence. But for now I want to focus on the next beer up: Bandito.

It’s been a while since I last brewed; about a month ago I started working on Matt Brown Marzen which I will be bottling probably this weekend. Two of my brew goals for this year were to 1. re-brew Cheeky Bastard and 2. develop a “house” beer. As we’re almost a quarter of the way through the year and nary a goal has been ticked off, I think it’s time to double down on these goals. As I said in the goals post, Cheeky is probably my best beer to date (others would argue otherwise) but it was significantly lacking in the bitterness department for an IPA (or even for an American Pale Ale).

I’m currently retooling the hop additions from Cheeky, but keeping the grain bill and yeast (Conan) the same. I really enjoyed the creamy mouthfeel and malt backbone of the beer. I may try to clear the beer a bit more this time, but also redistribute the hops and possibly use some different varieties. My original recipe for Bandito called for Citra and Calypso hops, but I’m skeptical of my ability to obtain Calypso. I am also going to avoid adding any Citra at the 60 minute mark, because I think it was ultimately a waste in Cheeky.

I may also dial-back the 2-Row so that I can add some sugar to the recipe. I want to avoid making this beer too boozy, but I also want to make sure it was a drier finish. You can view the tentative recipe for Bandito here, but it will be in-flux probably right up until brew day. As always, comments are more than welcome. Cheers!



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