Big Doings at the Brewery

Firstly, I’ve started ironically referring to my house as “the brewery…”

New Personnel

Some of you may remember Reilly, my Chief of Brewing Operations. Well Reilly moved out (along with my ex), which left a vacancy here at Anti-Hero Brewing. So – after successfully completing his training – I’d like to formerly introduce our new Chief of Brewing Oversight and Director of Grains (D.O.G.), Oberyn aka “Obie.”


Oberyn, at 3 months old, napping during his first brew day.


Oberyn, at 5 months old, working security at the Homebrew Jamboree

Oberyn, closing in on 1 year.

Oberyn, closing in on 1 year.

‘Award’ Winning Beer

My Symphony of Decay pumpkin ale won our club’s first annual Pumpkin Beer Showcase. In fact, the award bears my name and comes with this nifty trophy. The award is a lit bit of validation and verification that my brewing is improving. As such, I’m entering first competition in the next month, the South Shore Homebrew Brew-Off. I’ll be (tentatively) entering my saison, my pilsner, and my (yet to be brewed) amber ale. It’ll be nice to get some BJCP feedback on these beers that I think are solid.


Club Business

Oberyn isn’t the only one getting promoted; I was recently elected as President of Vice (err, Vice President) of our homebrew club. I’m pretty excited about that, as our club is growing fast, is very active and doing a lot of fun and interesting things. Case in point, we purchased two barrels and have filled them. We’ve already pulled a Belgian dubbel off the barrel and it was excellent. We’ve put a robust porter into the other barrel and added a little bit of Maker’s Mark to sweeten the pot, so to speak. And that’s me doing the honors:


And Lastly, the Blog

I’m going to try and do a better job of updating this blog (as I’ve promised multiple times before); my brewing sort of took a backseat over the winter thanks to the massive snowfall(s) and my vacation out to California. My 10-gallon brew structure is still buried under the snow out back, but I’ll be doing a 5-gallon batch on Sunday with members of the club. I’ll be posting an update on my brewing goals for the year, and some more of my recipes.


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