I’m a Hustler, Baby… (new IPA on the way)

As we speak – well as I type and you read – I have somewhere between 4 and 5 gallons of a new IPA recipe dry-hopping in my basement. This new IPA – The Hustler – uses only two hop varieties (Chinook and Centennial) and features the (in)famous Conan yeast strain that is used in Heady Topper

I’ve talked about it before, but the IPAs I’ve brewed have been – for the most part – a huge disappointment for me. Maybe it’s because there are so many excellent commercial examples that even a “good” homebrew seems lackluster, maybe it’s just lack of practice, or lack of experience with different hop varieties. I don’t know. I do still love IPAs despite their ubiquity (and slipping quality), and I’d really love to craft one of my own that I can enjoy.

That’s all to say I have high hopes for this beer. It should be ready to keg by Thursday and ready to drink by Sunday.



  1. Have you tried fucking with your water chemistry at all? So far, that variable seems to be one of the most easily distinguishable in my xBmts. Aim for a SO4 level up to 300 ppm, CaCl around 100 ppm, and pH 5.3, I bet you’ll at least notice a difference, if not an utter improvement. Cheers!


    1. I’ve got your posts on water chemistry and a few others saved to read. I haven’t messed around with it yet, but maybe I should look into it. Thanks for the tips!

      We actually have a joke about water chemistry in my club, because a guy who quit used to obsess about it (he made great beers, at least that’s what all his friends said).


  2. I bottle and I have had similar results with my IPAs. The only other thing I’d suggest is to be fanatical about oxidation. Dry hop in a keg, then use a closed transfer to rack to the service keg. Failing that figure out how much dry hops you want to use and use 50% more.


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