Welcome to 2016

Okay, so it’s February. Little late for a “new year” post, but I’ve been pretending to be busy. So I’m writing this now while waiting for Lucha Underground to be uploaded to torrent sites (stupid Comcast not giving me the El Rey Network).

So what’s been happening at Anti-Hero Brewing, you (didn’t) ask? Actually, a lot of shit.

  • You’ll be seeing a lot more of my beer-related musings this year, because I was offered the Honest Pint column over at the Dig. I’m really excited about this, as I’ve been hammering out details with the editor, but hopefully we’ll see my first column this month. If all works out – and I get the “okay” – I’ll be linking my posts from this blog.


  • I was reinstated (re-elected without an opponent) as the Metro South Homebrew League’s (a.k.a. the Mash Holes) Vice President (a.k.a. President of Vice) for 2016. This is an exciting year for our club, as it is our second full year as a group. We’ve been asked to partner with an upcoming local brewery; one of members is an assistant brewer at another local brewery; and we continue to grow in size and influence in the local community. We’ve got a lot of big plans for the year and I’m excited to be helping with that.


  • In addition to all that, I’ve actually been brewing, too. I’ve got 2 brew days and 16 gallons under my belt so far for this year. 10 of those gallons are for an imperial stout, Carcosa, which will be entered in the Mash Holes’ Stout Competition next month. I’m planning for this to be the first beer I age on something other than hops. I’m hoping the beer itself, combined with the additions I’m planning, will make for a flavorful (hopefully award-winning beer). I’m splitting this batch so that 5 gallons is read for the competition and 5 can age longer. I also brewed 6 gallons of a new amber ale recipe. There’s a local homebrew competition taking place in a few months for red-hued, hop-forward beers. The winner will see their beer produced on a commercial scale, which is fucking awesome. This is my first shot at this brew, and I’m hoping to brew it at least once more so that I can make sure I have it down in time for the competition.


  • I’m also making a concerted effort to understand all the various maths and sciences of my brewing system. I’ve never had great luck with getting my calculations right, and if I want to be able to reproduce my beers with consistency this is the next big step for me.


That’s about all I’ve got for now. I’ll update you guys and gals on how the stout and amber ale turn out, along with the recipes, when they’re finished.

Until then.



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