Peak Brew Season


Spring has sprung, and Prince is dead. The two aren’t related at all, and only one has anything to do with homebrewing but I’m a whore for web traffic.

I managed to squeeze in another brew day this past weekend, and after a few consecutive successful brews I was due for a number of screw ups. I brewed a new IPA recipes, Eighty-Sixed (recipe below and here) and managed to knock out the diptube while stirring my wort. Instead of emptying the keggle and trying to re-attach it, I went with the “fuck it” approach, realizing I’d lose some volume. Not a huge deal… until screw up numero B.

I use these spice infuser balls to keep my hop crud from clogging up my equipment or getting too much trub in my fermenter, and being this is an IPA I put a lot of balls (hehe) into this beer. Unfortunately, two of the balls popped open so that may have also contributed to my lackluster pull from this batch… only about 4 gallons.

So we’ll see how this IPA turns out. As you can see in the recipe below, this IPA contains oats and not a particularly flocculent yeast so I expect it to be cloudy; so I’m not too worried about the extra trub/hop crud in the keggle and fermenter. As we speak it is fermenting away in one of the fermentation freezers in my basement.

Also fermenting/conditioning are the rebrew of Uncommon Wrath which received 2 oz of Cascade dry hops a couple days ago. Wrath will be kegged tomorrow and bottled for competition on Sunday (and turned in for competition on Monday!). In addition to Wrath, the second 5 gallons of Carcosa are conditioning on chocolate, vanilla, and bourbon and have been for a couple months now and I’ll probably allow it to stay that way through the rest of the Spring and Summer (unless, of course, the first 5 gallons get kicked and I’m hankering for some stoutly goodness). The first 5 gallons conditioned for only about a month, so it’ll be interesting to see what the longer conditioning period will do for the stout’s flavor.

And lastly, my homebrew club – you know, the Mash Holes – brewed a barleywine to put into one of our club barrels. I brewed my 5 gallons worth of that barleywine the same weekend as Wrath, and that is still fermenting in advance of it going into the barrel next weekend (or the weekend after. I forget. I’m a bad VP).

Looking forward, I’m getting a special yeast from White Labs – Hansen Ale Blend – which I tend to build up and start harvesting and using for IPAs across the Spring and Summer. With any luck (and if it’s any good), I’ll using it for my hoppy beers for a while. The description is below:

This is a blend of many IPA strain favorites. If you’re tired of only using WLP001, this strain is for you. It has the attenuation of WLP090 and the character of WLP007.

Used in the White Labs Tasting Room. Visit here – – and search under the appropriate “strain #” for more details.

In the Tasting Room, the strain produced dry attenuation, was hop-forward, with minor ester production, and was a great flocculator, according to White Labs Brewer Joe Kurowski.

Phew! Lots of doings here at Anti-Hero Brewing. Until next time!




 OG: 1.073
FG: 1.021
IBU: 86
SRM: 5

Batch & Boil

  • Batch Size: 6.0 gal
  • Boil Time: 90 min


Amount Fermentable Maltster Use PPG Color
7.5 lb

Pilsner (DE)

Any Mash 38 1 °L
7.5 lb

Golden Promise (UK)

Any Mash 37 3 °L
1.25 lb

Flaked Oats

Any Boil 33 2 °L
0.75 lb


Any Boil 44 10 °L
0.63 lb

Carapils (Dextrine Malt) (US)

Any Boil 33 1 °L


Amount Hop Time Use Form AA
1.25 oz Nugget (US) 60 min Boil Pellet 14.3%
1.0 oz Chinook (US) 30 min Boil Pellet 12.0%
1.1 oz Centennial (US) 15 min Boil Pellet 10.5%
2.0 oz Citra (US) 0 min Boil Pellet 13.7%
3.0 oz Citra (US) 4 days Dry Hop Pellet 13.7%


Name Lab/Product Attenuation
London Ale Yeast White Labs WLP013 71.0%


Amount Name Time Use
1.5 g Calcium Chloride 90.0 min Boil
1.5 g Calcium Chloride 1.0 hr Mash


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