Competition Update

Hey gang,

Figured I’d give a brief update about what’s been going on in my brewing world. Last Sunday morning we had the Launch Pad competition for Barrel House Z. I had entered my rebrew of Uncommon Wrath, my North German Altbier/Amber ale, and was also serving as a judge (for a different category).

I had some hiccups with getting this beer ready. I went to carbonate this beer and the CO2 tank kicked, so I went to get the two tanks I had refilled. I hooked up one of the tanks, set it to 40 or so PSI and left it for a while. So that tank leaked and didn’t carb the beer. I’m not quite panicking because I still have some of the previous brew of this beer around, so I go to bottle that off the keg… and the keg kicks. Now I’m at the 11th hour, so I hook up the second tank and try to force carb the beer, then bottle it and bring it to drop off. Long story short, after a fuckton of issues, I got the entry in there.

And it did surprisingly well. I got placed in the competition’s “Group of Death” and finished second out of the six beers entered in that group. Unfortunately, only one beer from each group made it through to the Best in Show round. The beer that beat mine finished second, with the number one spot going to another guy from my homebrew club. While I’m bummed that I didn’t win, I am happy one of my club brothers did. And I got some free swag from doing the judging.

My latest IPA is currently dry-hopping and should be kegged up this weekend, so look for an update on that soon.

Until then…


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