About Anti-Hero Brewing

I started this blog as my homebrewing journal (in addition to my paper one), but it‘s evolved devolved into to add in beer reviews and will probably eventually deteriorated further to include long rambling posts about my thoughts on beer. Anti-Hero Brewing (AHB) is both the name of my pipe-dream future brewery as well as quite literally what is happening: an anti-hero brewing beer.

This blog has also earned the mocking nickname “The Hill Farmstead of beer blogs,” because most people never read it but they’ve all “heard great things.” Everyone has had Hill Farmstead now.

About Me

My name is Vinny, and thankfully no one actually calls me “Anti-Hero” (with the exception of my brothers when they’re making fun of me). I live in Quincy, MA and I’ve been into craft beer homebrewing for the better part of the past 7-8 years now. My buddy Greg co-created Untappd, which really got me into trying more and more craft beers. I now make it a habit to find craft beer bars whenever I’m traveling for work as a management strategy consultant (though now I mostly work from home). I’ve been homebrewing since March of 2013 and continue to learn the right way to brew by exhausting all other possible routes first. (Still true)

Along the way, I became president of the Mash Holes.


In the middle, at NHC 2016

At NHC 2019, I was the guy in the Panda Head. 


Ask me anything.


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  2. Hello Vinny,

    I’m emailing today to suggest some content for your blog. A client of mine Kendall College recently had their hospitality program do a study into craft beer that provides insights into both the growth of the craft beer category as a whole along with food pairing suggestions to go with different types of craft beer. The info-graphic can be seen here (http://blog.kendall.edu/featured/craft-beer-infographic/2555). I was wondering you might be interested in featuring the info-graphic on your blog since your blog focuses on brewing and beer. I think your audience might be intrigued with the findings and the information. I would be happy to include a write up that summarizes the content of the infographic to accompany it as well. Please follow up with me if this is something you might be interested in featuring on your site. Thanks for your time and have a wonderful day!


    1. Hi Matt. Thanks for the comment. I’d definitely be interested in writing something about the graphic, and in your write-up. You can reach me at vmannering at gmail dot com.


  3. Hi, what about more articles from new countries? its moving a lot here in Asia also and soon i think the first brewery will start to provide 90 millions of people with better beer options.. happy new year from http://www.beervn.com -everything about beer in Vietnam.


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