Update: 07/03/2019

If you’re looking for my recipes, please check out my profile on BrewToad. It’s a free homebrew resource that I use to collect and share my recipes. Below is the page that I had been maintaining, but due to lack of time will not be updating.

Okay, I owe you a revamped version of this page. All the links no longer work since BrewToad shut down.

  • Old Sport (aka The Vinotaur) [June 2011] – an English-style barleywine. Extract brew at Barleycorn in Natick, MA


  • The Abyss Stares Back [March 24, 2013] – an extract brew using Mr. Beer’s American Porter and a lot of chocolate malt.
The Abyss Stares Back

The Abyss Stares Back

Second Son v1

Second Son v1

Tonypandy Ale

Tonypandy Ale

  • Second Son (v2) [May 18, 2013] – an all-grain Cream Ale. Adjusted recipe and re-brew of the original Second Son.
Second Son v2

Second Son v2

  • Suicide by Hops [June 29, 2013] – an all-grain Imperial DIPA. 9 different kinds of hops in this bad Jackson. FAIL.
  • One-Eight-Seven [ July 13, 2013] – an all-grain Imperial DIPA. A variant on Suicide by Hops.
  • Midnight In The Garden [July 21, 2013] – a black IPA with Midnight Wheat.
  • Spirit’s Foe [September 15, 2013] – a Single Malt, Single Hop (SMaSH) Marzen.
Spirit's Foe

Spirit’s Foe

Symphony of Decay - Finished Product 3

Symphony of Decay


Matt Brown Marzen

Matt Brown Marzen

  • Bandito 1.5 [March 30, 2014]- a hop-heavy IPA that’s between an IPA and a DIPA — Review
  • R’lyeh [May 3, 2014] – a hoppy, but balanced, wheat ale


  • Arctos [May 13, 2014] – an American Brown Ale with cinnamon (received solid BJCP scores of 38-40; “excellent”)


  • Symphony of Decay [rebrew – September 25, 2014] – rebrewed SoD with roasted puree at both additions. This version took home first place in the club competition.


  • Pumpkin Pie Porter [October 28. 2014] – a pumpkin porter with 4lbs of pumpkin puree and spices added


  • Saison D’Etre/Cold Day Pils [January 10, 2015]- this was the first 10 gallon batch I’ve ever done; bittered with Saaz hops, the only difference between these two beers was the yeast (and subsequent fermentation and conditioning). The saison came out great. The pilsner was drinkable but suffered from flaws/off-flavors due to my inexperience with lagering.

Saison D’Etre

  • Uncommon Wrath [March 9, 2015] – My long-standing battle with amber ales started to turn in my favor. The previous version was never carbonated as I felt the brew day was shitty and decided it wasn’t worth the effort. This version did make it to primetime and was pleasant if a little underwhelming.
  • Bad Jackson Brown [March 10, 2015] – A hefty brown ale for the tail end of a brutal winter. Big fuller-bodied brown ale, but still sessionable (ish) at 5.8% with lots of flavor of roast and chocolate. This was a dialed-up version of Arctos and took second place in a club competition.
  • The Hustler [May 9, 2015] – The other theater of my war on two fronts is against brewing a good IPA. The Hustler followed in Bandito’s footsteps (literally and figuratively), in a march towards winning this war. A “New England” IPA with lots of citrus aroma, but a little too light on the bitterness to be a full-blown IPA.
  • Symphony of Decay [August 17, 2015] – A rebrew of my club competition winning pumpkin ale recipe. This is the first beer I brewed three times, and I expect 2016 to have a version as well.
  • Matt Brown Marzen [] – A rebrew for September/October.
  • Headless Horseman [September 4, 2015] – This is where I truly lost my mind. A pumpkin milk stout?! It was actually quite tasty, but faired terribly in the club competition because no one quite knew what to make of it. This recipe will be shelved until I can get a nitro line, but overall a pleasantly sweet stout without any roast and a lot of pumpkin flavor.

Headless Horseman

  • Christmas Carroll v2 [December 6, 2015] – A perfectly cromulent spiced ale, but not too different from the previous iteration.


  • Carcosa [January 28, 2016] – An imperial stout aged on vanilla beans, cocoa nibs, and bourbon-soaked oak chips. This was a 10 gallon batch, split for two different aging times. The first five gallons conditioned for only about 1-2 months. The second five gallons will sit for about 6-8 months, depending on my first. I was incredibly pleased with how this turned out. BIG flavors and they all seemed to work in harmony. A bit of roast/smokiness started to develop in the first five gallons after 4 months.


  • Uncommon Wrath v2016 [February 1, 2016 and April 9, 2016] – Our long national nightmare has come to an end. I rebrewed the now infamous amber ale with an improved recipe. I received from further tips from a pro brewer and the final version (April 9’s) was entered in a competition, where it received the second highest score but failed to make the Best of Show round due to the competition structure. Nevertheless, I am exceedingly proud of how this beer (finally) turned out.
uncommonwrath 2016

Uncommon Wrath

  • IPA #1 aka Eighty-Sixed [April 17, 2016] – We’ve finally turned this franchise around, team! After now years of struggling with IPAs (and Ambers), this one finally hit the mark. A new recipe – born from fiddling with some older ones – birthed this Citra dry-hopped citrus bomb. A true New England style IPA that doesn’t lack the bitter bite. It’s still new/fresh as of this writing.


  • IPA #2 aka Hustle Harder [May 9, 2016] – A variation on The Hustler, this was brewed with FWH Nugget and fermented with White Labs’ Yeast Vault WLP075. It should be a more West Coast style IPA.

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