Affiliate Program – Homebrew Supply

So you will start seeing the Homebrew Supply logo around the site. Homebrew Supply reached out to me and offered me a spot in their affiliate program, which basically allows me to make a small commission on purchases made using my link. If you click the little folder icon in the upper left corner, you’ll see the permanent site link and I’ll be adding it to the bottom of my posts.

Other than that there’s no other planned changes to content, but I wanted to be transparent about why there’s a fancy logo popping up. So if you’re a homebrewer who enjoys this site and you’re planning to buy your gear online, check out Homebrew Supply when shopping around.



New Design

As I mentioned in my previous post, I’m fiddling around with the design and structure of Anti-Hero Brewing. I initially tried to have this page with a dark gray background and darker gray sidebar, but some SNAFU within WordPress reverts the sidebar color to off-white. I didn’t like how that looked so I stopped fighting WordPress and reverted to the white-on-white default for the page.

I’m curious what people think of the current design; after all, you’re the ones reading this so your preference is pretty important.

If the poll doesn’t appear at the top of this post, you can vote here: Poll.

Contemplating Changes

“Change is inevitable, except from vending machines” – a joke I read on the Internet before vending machines had credit card swipers

I’ll start with what’s really bugging me: I hate this WordPress layout. It’s probably one of the better ones for the content I have and the information I like to have displayed but it just looks so amateurish (which, I am, but I’m trying not to look it, you know?). I started searching through replacements and anything else that worked just seemed so sterile. That started a long chain of thoughts about Anti-Hero Brewing.

I was reading an article on personal branding (yeah, I know) and it brought up a few salient points that I hadn’t thought about when I started this blog. One thing I had thought of: if I ever want to “go pro,” Revolution Brewing would probably sue the tits off of me. Anti-Hero is a name (and, generally speaking, a concept) that I really like, but beyond that… it’s kind of all over the place. Mostly because I’m all over the place. I lack focus. And a lack of focus means I don’t have a truly unique voice, and without a unique voice you’re really just making noise.

But that’s something that I can adjust. I know what I like. I like making beer, I like drinking beer, and I like writing about beer. With a little time and effort I can craft that into a focus/purpose for my writing, and contribute a little more than fiery word vomit to the already over-flowing toilet of the Internet.

Essentially – from a blogging perspective – I’ve having an existential crisis. I want to start over, but I don’t want to lose what few friends and readers (branding term: “audience”) I’ve made through this blog. A “re-branding” is one thing that I’m considering for the short-term: new logos and links, cleaner layout, more substantive posts, etc. So be on the look-out for an updated look and feel to this site.

I’m going to try to continue to post more often, and also go into a little more depth about what I’m doing with my brews, and how I’m trying to progress as a brewer. I’ll also try to do less whining about the endless list of beer-related news items that piss me off, but some ranting is surely inevitable.

Stay tuned.

The Year Ahead

I hate things like this. I hate year-in-reviews (except The Onion‘s) and I hate Top 10 lists. You want a top 10 list for this blog? Just keep scrolling down until you’ve read 10 posts. I’m a writer (ha!) not a curator, and this is most assuredly not Buzzfeed. I do, however, want to know what everyone liked and didn’t like about this blog in its first few months of existence. The poll above (which hopefully works because it’s been giving me trouble) as a few options to choose from. I made it multiple choice so if there’s more than one option you agree with, you’re free to choose it.

More Beer Reviews

This has become the majority of the posts I’ve written on this blog. Sometimes I think there’s too many of them, but I know some people actually enjoy/read/use them.

Longer Beer Reviews

I also know that some people just read them to kill time at work; so I can try to make them longer or…

Shorter Beer Reviews

…I can make them shorter. I know a lot of reviewers online use a much shorter format than I do.

More About Homebrewing

This was the initial intent of this blog, but since I don’t homebrew every week (but do drink every week), the brew-specific content is rare slim. I do, however, read voraciously about brewing so I’m sure there’s more material to mine there.

More General Beer-Related Posts

Thinks like the difference between stouts and porters; BJCP style breakdowns; thoughts on the “craft beer bubble” and so on. I follow a bunch of great blogs that talk about these topics.

More Random Ramblings

I’d tell you but that would ruin the surprise.

See you in 2014.